New church opening on sunday

The roofing of the church is almost finished and we bring a photographic report along with a letter, as we open the new church this sunday for Easter. Let's go for it!

March 12, 2012 - Dear Sirs,

Hope you’ve all been keeping well despite the silence.

Mine is only to update you on our church progress. I have attached a photographic report of some shots I took yesterday after having travelled upcountry.
We can say that 80% of the roof is done with the remaining work expected to be complete by end of this week, just before the rains start.


The work looks good and is being talked about everywhere. There are plans to move into the new church as is, though the exact time hasn’t been agreed on.
Definately as the roof gets finished this Easter will be a special one to St. Joachim and there is no doubt that we will have a thanksgiving mass some time later where we will
Invite all our well wishers and guests who have walked along with us to this point to come and share with us.

On behalf of St Joachim let me take this opportunity to thank the Makilya family for the support you’ve given. We wish you all the best of luck and pray that the Almighty bless and be with you always.


David Mwania

Read more about this project and watch other pictures here, here and here.


We need water

Help up raise funding in order to get clean water to the village of Mukuyuni. This is the most needy thing in the village.

The sun is hot, the land is dry and we need to place short term measures to raise some funds for this project. After last years' droughts and some environmental episodes such as well water poisoning and river sands being taken away, currently there exists the worst water problem in the village for a long time. We are digging a well 80 feets (25m.) deep  but we need a machine to pump the water up to a tank so the villagers can get it in jerrycans.

If you think that maybe you can help us out, please have a look aside and contact us at AFI&CDF to donate or help in any way you can. Please also help to spread this message.

The project is 3/4 done, but now we need about 1000 US$ to buy the submersible pump and the large water tank (see pictures). That is correct: we need to get the water from the well to the tank, so then those who need it can get it there. Getting proper access to clean running water in this village is one of the worst things nowadays. The drought was long, the wells dried out, and now that the men digged the new hole and that we have electricity, we will be able to power the pump as soon as it is supplied and installed.

The pump will be located near the church that is being roofed this week. Donor/s might be thanked by having their name written onto the water tank. We also allow the tanks to be bought directly by the donors, so it can be retrieved and transported from a nearby factory. This will mark a historic milestone in the development of the area.


We keep our prayers open. Email us anytime at: africanpartnership@yahoo.com


Mukuyuni church update: It's coming up!

This is an update in the building progress of Mukuyuni church, with some pictures taken during the summertime.

We did a second fundraisering and the church is now coming up, as you can see. The Mukuyuni community is providing all labour and other services for free and other services, as more people are joining the project.

 Our current church.

 Congregation after Mass. New Church building behind.

 View of Church from the front. There are two rooms on either side of the Altar, one being a changing room and the other an office that will also have a sacrament facility.

 View towards East. Kanzalu hills far off. Miu is on the valley.

 50% of church compound fenced by our neighbour. Some materials on site.

 View towards West and gravel stockpile.
 View towards south. Main entrance to the new church.
 View from the bottom of the plot.
 View of the interior of the church. The floor slab was not yet done. Altar can be seen at the far end. Note the power pole at the back that is to serve our neighbours below and the church, once complete.

Part of the church development committee: L-R Vice Chairman Fredrick Mutinda, CMA Chair Charles Wambua, St Joakim Chairman Barnabas Mutisya, Treasurer (and mother) Idah Mwania and Secretary Angelina Musyoka.


Mukuyuni catholic church under construction

Mukuyuni catholic church is a communitary initiative. The construction of this church started late last year after a small fund rising in the comunity.

Among those who have done so much contribution of the church is the Mutisya family that were pioneers and engineneer David Mwania of Mukuyuni village who did the design and has contributed a lot to the project.

The whole community has done great job in labour and manpower.

After the completion it wil host about 350 people seated and later a nursery school will be built for the children of the village.We are now looking for more funding to finish the church and start new constructive endeavours.


Adopt a project in Kenya? Yes, you can!

Three ongoing projects you can sponsor:

PROJECT/P/AFCICDF/2011/01 Youth Training in Mukimi: A Path Out of Poverty
Goal: To provide employment opportunities for youth in Mukimi location.
Region: Africa, Kenya, Kangundo, Katitu
Status: Needs Funding
Budget: USD 2000
Comments: Concerned citizens created this project to provide meaningful opportunities for youths on their Village. Your donation will provide hope for young people in a society where employment and access to higher education is limited.
Implementation team: Katitu youth self help group
Traing centre: William centre - Mukuyuni
Long term goal: to reduce the rate of drugs/HIV/poverty, increase the level of production and create hope and opportunities

HIV/AIDS Education for Youth
Goal: To fight the growing spread of HIV/AIDS in Mukimi, and the stigma and myths associated with the disease, through an education campaign in the six secondary schools and in public baraza [meeting in villages].
Region: Africa, Kenya, Kangundo, Katitu area
Status: Needs Funding
Budget: USD 1200
Comments: Since over 90% of youth attend some schools and other come to market centres in Mukimi, the most effective way to reach youth is through the sports and schools. Through a combination of trainings and informational booklet distribution on villages we will inform the Mukimi youth population about the dangers of drug abuse and HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention.
Implementation team: Katitu youth self help group
Traing centre: William centre - Mukuyuni
Long term goal: to see more discipline and participation of the youth in fight against the above, reduced cases of drug abuse and also improved health among the youth.

Education for Rural Girls in Mukimi
Goal: To provide educational opportunities for motivated girls from rural families who are unable or unwilling to pay the girls' school fees to continue their education into high school
Region: Africa, Kenya, Kangundo, Katitu area
Status: Needs Funding
Budget: USD 200 per girl so far we identified 10 need cases of bright girls. 200 USD covers the expenses for one child, for an entire year.
Comments: Many girls who show strong interest and ability are not supported by their families in their quest for education. The Katitu youth self help group identifies motivated girls from impoverished families, and provides them with school fees and offer free computer classes in our office when they are on holidays. Starting in the Mukimi region, this program is working through schools which serve rural youth.
Implementation and monitoring team: Katitu youth self help group.
Long term goal: the future of these girls will be better off, supporting child education has proved to be like planting fruits for the community. The goal is to provide educational opportunities for orphans and children of destitute families.

Please contact us if you wish to help.


New office in Mukuyuni and official certification

¡Happy 2011!
Now the office for African Child at Mukuyuni is finally complete and equipped with modern machines to serve as host place in order to coordinate communitary work around the area. It is called William Centre Mukuyuni and outsides have been painted in bright green.
The primary goal of the office is the coordination of African Child Initiative & CDF projects as well as to channel all available resources and information gathering for community development.
We are now able to host 8 volunteers at one time and a maximum of 15 working on one or more projects, so we are now completely ready for work-camps and volunteering initiatives. There is a computer and internet access in now available.

On the other hand, we now have got official certification for the Youth Self Help Group from the Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Development, which has been registered under the big village name Katitu since the name African Child was not available in our district.
¡All great news!